Building Video Presentations on iPad

January 31, 2014

Video can add another level of depth to presentations. Used properly, video can increase the impact of your idea, story or message.  Adding video to presentations has historically been difficult, but building video presentations on iPad is extremely easy with FlowVella.

One of FlowVella’s strengths has always been it’s integration with video from day one. We knew that as video has become more important to tell stories, demo product, and have a more authentic connection with users and viewers, more people are going to be building video presentations, especially on the iPad.  You can add videos that will play offline using our storage, or you can embed YouTube videos.

Video presentations can be used for multiple uses

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You can add video from your iPad, Dropbox, Facebook, Google Drive, Box and other cloud providers that FlowVella is integrated with and FlowVella stores that video so it can be played offline on your iPad. We think know offline video is a crucial feature and have supported it since FlowVella’s launch. On FlowVella on iPad, if viewing a presentation for the first time, you will need to download the video and it will be then be available for offline viewing.

Tips for adding videos to presentations:

– Keep the videos relatively short, less than two minutes.

–  Be sure to compress the video, so it is not that large. FlowVella free users can upload up to 100 mb files, but for a two-minute video, you can get them smaller.

– Make sure to have good audio quality in your video.  Audio is a key attribute to video success.

Example Flows with videos:

View on FlowVella – Presentation and Storytelling Platform for iPad


View on FlowVella- Presentation and Storytelling Platform for iPad


Here’s how to add video in FlowVella:

Video Presentations for iPad

Adding video to presentations with FlowVella is easy and powerful. First, after you add an object, select ‘video’.


video presentations on iPad

Next, you choose from where to grab your video, locally from your iPad, from cloud sources or YouTube.


Change Your Video Preview image

After you have selected a video, it loads into the Flow. A ‘camera’ icon is used as the ‘preview’ image for the video, but you should change this. Tap on the ‘camera’ and you can select a new preview image.

video presentations on iPad with Flowboard

You can choose any image to use as a preview or use the top option which grabs an image from the video automatically.

Video Presentations for iPad with Flowboard.

After selecting ‘Grab Image from Video’, you are given 9 options taken from the video.


Video Preview Image Placed into Flowboard

And the preview image is now placed and shown to your viewers.