FlowVella Education Launches Today

August 14, 2014

Editor’s Note: We no longer offer FlowVella Education as its own app. Instead, we have moved to a free model for students and for a reduced price, Teachers can receive classroom specific features and administration tools for the students in their class. You can find out more here

Today we are thrilled to announce the launch of FlowVella Education, our new platform designed for innovative classrooms, modern-day professionals and visual storytellers who want to create and share stunning presentations for the world to see. FlowVella Education (for iPad) launches today as a paid application downloaded through the iTunes App Store and makes teachers’ lives easier with more than 10 templates built specifically for education.

Flowboard Education makes presentations accessible for students, teachers, and their classrooms!

FlowVella Education is built off FlowVella’s award winning iPad app and bundles premium features like printing, PDF exporting and new education specific templates like Book Report, Science Experiment, and many more. Teachers and students now have a presentation app specifically designed for their needs. FlowVella ships with 10 new education templates (free with purchase), and more are being added. All FlowVella Education templates are built to comply with Common Core, NGSS, and related standards. Each also comes with an editable assessment rubric, which helps take the subjectivity out of grading.

FlowVella Education is a paid app, rather than a subscription based one, and is meant to be affordable to teachers, students, parents and school districts. FlowVella Education is also available via Apple’s Education Volume Purchasing Program, where a school or district can get a discount when they purchase 20 apps or more.

“We are thrilled to launch FlowVella Education, our award winning presentation app built specifically for teachers and students.” said Brent Brookler, CEO and Founder of FlowVella. “We already have a large and growing base of users in education so building a product that takes our innovative presentation software and marries it with education templates and a pricing model that works for teachers, students and schools just made sense. After launching FlowVella for Mac last month, and now FlowVella Education, we are gearing up for a great school year ahead.” FlowVella Education joins the FlowVella family of presentation software products and apps.

FlowVella for iPad recently won the Tabby Award in the “personal productivity” category. FlowVella for Mac is the first OSX presentation software to launch first on mobile, according to Apple, and builds on the rising success of its iPad version. Already, FlowVella has nearly 200,000 registered users since it launched in April 2013. More than 4,000 schools and thousands of professionals are using FlowVella over other traditional presentation tools. In fact, Hollywood actor-director John Turturro of recently told CNET that FlowVella is one app that he’s “madly in love with.”

FlowVella Education is available at an introductory price of $4.99, and then the price will jump to $9.99 starting on Labor Day.

Also, a big thank you to David Hunter of Zombie-Based Learning for his work with FlowVella to better integrate Common Core standards and rubrics into our new templates!