FlowVella 1.2 – What’s New

June 27, 2013

Please visit  FlowVella.com/features to see all the features in FlowVella and for more details of FlowVella 1.2, but here is what’s updated:

• YouTube videos – search YouTube videos for inclusion in your Flows
• Undo (and redo) – we all make mistakes, we’ve now added an ‘undo’ button so you can go back, and back and back.
• PDF support – upload and view. Upload your PDF files and display within app
• Video compression – shrink your video files effortlessly with built in video compression
• Slide to add screen – Slick new three finger slide to reveal add screen menu
• Updated the way we download templates and Flows for better usability on slower connections
New second menu with undo, redo, and snap guides off/on button


YouTube Integration comes to Flowboard

YouTube Integration comes to FlowVella

We are excited about all of our new features in version 1.2. YouTube is especially exciting because it unlocks all of the great content available, as well as the ability for you to be able to save on your monthly upload quota! (YouTube videos stream from the web, so they don’t account for any of your uploads each month.)

Undo and Redo in the Flowboard Creator

Undo and Redo in the FlowVella Creator

Undo and redo is something we’ve been working on for awhile, and we’re happy to finally release it.  We’ve also been making some other updates to our tools in the Creator, like the new side menus, Snap Guides are a little bit ‘snappier’, and we’ve also added slide to add a new screen. You’ll notice we’ve moved the Snap Guide Toggle on/off button to a new side menu to your left in the creator. This is also where you will find undo and redo.

Swipe to add new screen in the Flowboard Creator

Slick swipe to add new screen in the FlowVella Creator

Additionally, when you’ve reached the last page of your Flow, you’ll be able to slide to add a new screen. Just slide to the left, and a new screen of your choosing will drop in and place itself at the end of your Flow.

PDF Support comes to Flowboard

PDF Support comes to FlowVella

New for our premium subscribers is PDF. PDF are available for all users to view and download, regardless of their account type. Upload a PDF of your choosing, then tap to choose a preview image, or you can use our default PDF icon.


Compress your large videos with Flowboard

Video Compression on FlowVella

For better speed, performance, and quota usage, we have introduced video compression. Make your new videos much smaller by choosing from three different sizes!

For speed and stability, we’ve made a ton of performance upgrades like downloaded templates and Flows. This should help out those that have slower connections, or are using data.

We hope you didn’t run into any issues with FlowVella 1.1, but if you did (and we’re sorry about that!) you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve found and squashed bugs we introduced in that update. We hope you’ll give FlowVella 1.2 a try and let us know what you think!

We are already hard at work on the next version of FlowVella. We’ll be adding some new features, tweaking some existing, and improving the overall function and design of the app. We hope you’ll check out FlowVella 1.2 in the app store today (or as soon as possible) and let us know what you think. Drop us a line anytime!