FlowVella Interactive Presentation Software Roadmap

March 22, 2016

We are delighted with the release of FlowVella for iPhone or FlowVella 3.0, the universal app for both iPad and iPhone.

While, it’s a great accomplishment and we can’t wait to hear feedback, we are not done innovating in this space. We have an active roadmap, and YOU can influence the roadmap.

Here is what is coming next:

Mac 2.0 – with upgrades to bring the newer features that have debuted in FlowVella 3.0 into the Mac version including adding the Pro and Teacher plans and functionality.

Versioning – we actually are already doing this. Every time you save a draft or post a flow, we are saving the version, and soon we will release tools to expose it so you can go back and recover old ideas or make changes.

PowerPoint import – we already have this in the Mac version, but didn’t have quite enough time to get into the iPhone launch version, but it’s coming soon.

Multi-author collaboration – not only will you be able to share your flows with friends or colleagues to view, we will go beyond the ‘remix/fork/duplication’ and introduce true multi-author collaboration.

HD/Wide screen/16:9 – this has been a big request and we hear you. This is also a feature that we’re excited to bring to you, stay tuned!

Folders – allowing a way to move flows into folders and out of just the ‘My Flows’ is coming.

Zoomable Canvas on iPhone – we think that it would be even better if you could zoom in on the canvas while editing

Search – on device searching for flows will be easier in the future

Secret feature 1 – we have an idea that is so cool, we have to keep it to ourselves for now.

Web editor/creator Рthis is another of one of our most requested features and is something that we are looking into.

But, what do you want? Please, please let us know in the comments, and if you can, please be as descriptive as possible.

Thanks for the support.

Let’s build the best interactive presentation apps in the world!

– Brent and the FlowVella team