How To: Set Presentation Background Color or Image

March 7, 2015

Are you looking to set a presentation background for your Flow? In today’s how-to, we’ll show you how to quickly and easily set a background color or image with the FlowVella App for Mac.

To set a Background Color

FlowVella Set Presentation Background Color - Mac App

Did you know right clicking your screen’s canvas in the Creator will bring up a menu? This is a super quick way to set your background color. Just right click, then click on Change Canvas Color. You can also set your background color by going to the Apple Menu, Edit, and then click Change Canvas Color.

To Set a Background Image

FlowVella Set Presentation Background on FlowVella for Mac

FlowVella doesn’t support explicit background images. The best way to utilize an image as your background is to add your image to your screen, then resize it up or down to 748px tall by 1024px wide. If you’d like to reuse this image on multiple screens, you can either right click in the bottom navgiation to duplicate your screen, or copy and paste your image onro any of your other screens.

If you’re looking to set your background as an image or a color in FlowVella for iPad, check out this post.

What is your favorite way to utilize FlowVella’s background options? We’d love to hear what you’re creating in the comments, or you can contact us anytime.