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FlowVella in Real Estate – Guest Post from Josh Bickford

September 5, 2013

FlowVella in Real Estate The real estate industry is one ripe for change and innovation. It seems so many of it’s current occupants see the world through a single lens, and embrace change the way child embraces a nap. This aversion to change prevents nearly every one of seeing how powerful a tool like FlowVella…


Duplicating and Deleting – FlowVella Tip of the Week

August 15, 2013

On this week’s FlowVella Tip of the Week, we’ll be discussing how to edit your Flows! Did you know you can duplicate and delete your Flows from the “My Flows” tab of the home screen? Learn more about this FlowVella tip below! Duplicating So you just spent time on your Flow, perfecting it and you think…


FlowVella with Leap Motion Integration – the new viewer for Mac OSX!

August 6, 2013

Today, we are pleased to announce that we have built FlowVella with Leap Motion Integration for the Mac so you can view and share your Flows! (Don’t worry, we’re considering bringing the creator to Mac too! More about that below.) We first saw the Leap Motion controller a few months ago and were impressed. We…


FlowVella Tip of the Week: Editing your Text

July 29, 2013

On this week’s FlowVella Tip of the Week, we’ll be looking at text editing! This FlowVella tip is short & sweet, but  will save you lots of time. Have you tried increasing or decreasing the size of your text? By tapping and holding the + or – buttons, it will speed up the amount of time…


How to Set a Presentation Background on FlowVella for iPad

July 23, 2013

This week’s FlowVella tip will show you how to set your presentation backgrounds for individual screens of your Flow. I’m sure you’ve seen some Flows with full-screen background images, or maybe you’ve seen Flows with different colors on each screen. If you haven’t discovered how to do this yet, read on to find out! How…


FlowVella 1.2 – What’s New

June 27, 2013

Please visit  FlowVella.com/features to see all the features in FlowVella and for more details of FlowVella 1.2, but here is what’s updated: • YouTube videos – search YouTube videos for inclusion in your Flows • Undo (and redo) – we all make mistakes, we’ve now added an ‘undo’ button so you can go back, and back and back….