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Touch and Gestures with FlowVella

April 23, 2013

Touch and Gestures with FlowVella Here is our first video from our guide on touch and gestures while working with FlowVella. With any touch publishing app, touch and gestures are central to how a user works with the app. In this video, we review the 1) three finger swipe, 2) the two finger tap to…


Touch Publishing

April 15, 2013

Touch Publishing is Here with FlowVella The iPhone, then Android, then the iPad, and other recent devices in the last five years have ushered in a new context and paradigm to interact and experience content and applications.  More and more users are using touch and gestures on touch enabled screens to interact with content and…


The FlowVella Guide

April 4, 2013

The FlowVella Guide is up and available at: http://flowvella.com/s/m2p The FlowVella Guide illustrates and guides on how to build and update your Flows, which is the next-generation storytelling and presentation platform which is defining ‘touch publishing’.


How To Add Links

March 16, 2013

Links are the foundation to the web and in FlowVella, they are key to adding interactivity. Add a table of contents, a link to a contact form on a web site, or links to screens for more information. Links will add another dimension of interactivity to your FlowVella presentation. I quickly produced this below video…


Beta Better Be Good

March 13, 2013

We’re readying our second (or third) beta of FlowVella. Sign up at Flowvella.com to get in. We’ve continued to make progress on better stability and increased performance. We’ve added a lot of refinement to the design and fixed a lot of bugs. In other words, we’re getting very, very close to releasing widely. We appreciate…


How To FlowVella

March 7, 2013

Everyone wants to know “How to FlowVella”, so I began building out a comprehensive set of instructions. Was I going to make it in anything but FlowVella? No! Check it out at: flowvella.com/s/1s4x/ We will continue to add and edit this, through our ‘draft’ and ‘publish’ features in FlowVella. The URL will never change. We’ll have…