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6 Steps to Make an Impressive Presentation

November 4, 2016

At FlowVella, we’re in the business of helping you tell a story. But what happens when you’re not sure what that story is yet? I think we’ve all been there; you’ve been asked by to come back to your alma mater and give a talk about your current career path. Or maybe you’ve been asked to…


FlowVella ♥s Slack: The First Presentation App on Slack

October 20, 2016

If, like us, you use Slack to collaborate with your team, then you’re definitely going to love the news we’re sharing today! We’re happy to announce that FlowVella has integrated with Slack and the FlowVella Slack App is now available in the Slack App Directory. So what can you do with the FlowVella App for…


Create a Video from Your Presentation

October 19, 2016

Create Video from Your Presentation in Minutes Video is the most powerful and engaging medium we have to tell stories, sell products, and influence others. With video, you have it all, especially if you are using a presentation as a backdrop. You have text, images, sound all flowing (see what I did there?) together to weave…


FlowVella is now a WeWork Benefit!

October 14, 2016

When looking for new office space in Seattle, our small team opted to make the switch to a co-working space. With flexible sized office spaces, month to month rates, and a variety of benefits and community building activities, we knew WeWork was the place for us. We moved in a few months ago, and we’ve been thrilled…


FlowVella is US Government Approved

August 26, 2016

Did you know that FlowVella is an approved US Federal Government approved software application? It’s true. When we worked with the Smithsonian Institute to build interactive kiosks for their Star Wars costume exhibit, part of the process involved becoming a US Federal Government approved vendor. So what is a government approved vendor? A government approved vendor…


Productivity in Your Pocket

August 18, 2016

[A version of this post was first published in Xconomy] The app that you use is the one in your pocket. Today, larger mobile screens and touch interfaces are allowing people to do real work—not just email—with the computer they have, wherever they are. It started with the Blackberry in the early 2000s. Like a dream,…