Announcing FlowVella 6.0 and Flow Kiosk 1.5

June 4, 2019

We are pleased to announce FlowVella 6.0 for iPad and iPhone and Flow Kiosk 1.5 for iPad.

We receive lots of requests from our customers on new features and these latest two major features were customer driven. We have long had the ability to link to a web page and then view the web page in a full page view.  Users have repeatedly asked us to allow a web page, or ‘webview’, as we and many others call them, to be inserted into a screen. We have increasingly received requests for the ability to both add 4K video and to add files that are larger than 500 megabytes. With this release, we have added these capabilities and with them a new account type, PROPlus.

New object – Webview

New ‘webview’ object allows a web page to be inserted into a screen.

  • You can embed a webview aka web page into a slide/screen. When viewed, and online, the app will populate the web page with live content. If you tap the webview, you can then interact with it, like any other web page. 

  • No other presentation app allows the embedding of a live web page into slide/page or screen. This is an industry first.

  • This is great for showing off a demo, showing a dashboard and many other uses. We can’t wait to see what you create with it!

  • What if you’re offline? If you’re offline, the ‘preview’ image will display.

4K Video 

  • Our customer, Dolby, asked us if we could support higher fidelity video within FlowVella’s video player. They sent us a couple samples, we ran them through our new 4K compression and they approved it. (Requires new PROPlus plan).

  • We advise to only add one large 4K video per screen.

1 GB uploads 

  • To support 4K video and in response to customer requests, we have increased the file upload limit. It was 500 mb but we now offer up to 1GB of storage (available with ProPlus Plan).

  • We advise to only add these large files – mostly video files on one per page and should only be on new iPad models.

iPhone X, XS, XSMax and XR Optimized (FlowVella only)

  • Viewing on any of the iPhone X family of phones is now as expected and optimized for the unique attributes of the iPhone X family of phones.

  • We are so thrilled to have these improvements out to all the iPhone X family of phones so you can show off your ‘flows’ anytime, anywhere. Show on your phone, attach via a cable or view via AppleTV.

So Many Fixes

  • We’re doubling down on quality and in this 6.0 (and Flow Kiosk 1.5) version, there are a ton of fixes. Speed increases, transition animations fixed, open flow via URL fixed and so much more are fixed in the version. We are committed to quality, so please let us know if you find any bugs and we will look into and address asap.

To download FlowVella, go to:

To download Flow Kiosk, go to: