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Featured Presentations - Best of FlowVella and Flow Kiosk

  • FlowVella for iPhone guide!

  • FlowVella is emerging as the leading platform for interactive iPad kiosks for museums, and other uses. FlowVella offers simple and powerful tools (Mac and iPad apps) that allow users to quickly and easily compose custom, branded, multimedia experiences that can be securely deployed in kiosks and updated hassle free. FlowVella kiosk pricing is simple, just $20/month for a PRO account and additional costs per active device. You won’t beat FlowVella’s power, price, security and convenience for an iPad interactive, multimedia kiosk solution. Just ask the Smithsonian, Star Wars or EMP Museum about FlowVella and they will tell you their stories of success.

  • The official guide to FlowVella for iPad to help you create beautiful stories with FlowVella. This guide will walk you through how gestures are used, working with objects, how to add video, images, or galleries, and how to modify your objects and screens.

  • Our most frequently asked questions are answered in this Flow.

  • A how-to guide for the latest version of FlowVella for Mac.

  • All We Art - Georgetown - Washington DC / International Fine Arts

  • Infographic Illustration by Jeeyoung Jung

  • This Flowboard allows you to explore 3 of the most famous castles in Japan.

  • We're passionate about the collision of technology, creativity, metrics and audience intent. We love producing print ads and posters as much as developing mobile apps and compositing video animations. We continuously adapt and expand our skills and services to meet the demands of our marketplace, directing our customers forward, transforming vision into reality. Our expertise in developing dynamic content will turn your product launch, presentation or demo into something memorable, in a way that’s clear, compelling and beautiful. From the get go, our core philosophy has been; "PASSIONATELY BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF IDEAS, AND BE DRIVEN BY THE SIMPLE BELIEF THAT EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE."

  • Props Unlimited is the Midwest’s premier special event and themed decor company. Explore decorations for a variety of decades and learn more about Props Unlimited’s rental catalog in this Flowboard. For more, please visit

  • The italian acoustic guitarist contemporary.

  • Fierce, Inc. is a global leadership development and training company that drives results by improving conversations central to our clients success.

  • Institution analysis on the communicative practice, culture, organizational practice, goals + civic involvement strategies of the High Line in Manhattan.

  • Check out Antigua Guatemala, a beautiful city in Central America surrounded by imposing volcanoes. It's been called an open-air museum and for good reason. See why many have decided to call this UNESCO Heritage Site home.

  • A look at new and recently renovated NCAA hockey arenas, which offer perfect settings for player development.

  • By designing with a conscience, Holstee offers a place for mindful individuals to find meaningful products.

  • The FIRST Social Agency. In 2005, Facebook was only available to university students; TIME declared I-Neighbors as the 'coolest' social networking website, blogs were the next big thing, and Twitter didn’t exist. In that same year, Carrot Creative established itself as the first social media agency. Carrot is a product of the digital age, unlike the many agencies that rushed to adapt to it. Doubling in size every year since inception, we have scaled our team of digital natives - made up of strategists, analysts, designers, developers, account, production and creative members - to become an acclaimed full-service agency. We ideate and build every idea with a combination of strategic prowess, technical agility and conversational ability. This has attracted brands that include Target, Jaguar, Wilson, Red Bull, Bravo, Burton, MLB, NFL, Home Depot, Ford, and Disney.

  • Everything you need to know about the United States' and Canada's most enjoyable hiking routes and backcountry excursions. Classic Hikes of North America is a beautifully photographed and eminently practical account of the best backcountry journeys in the United States and Canada. Peter Potterfield, an experienced hiker and photographer, has analyzed and graded these spectacular wilderness experiences with both beginners and avid hikers in mind.

  • A collection of recent & favorite images.

  • Unconventional Italian bass player!

  • Poetry and Prose

  • The story of a wonderful little chocolatier in Manhatten's Lower East Side.