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Why FlowVella?

The mission of FlowVella is to empower EVERYONE to effectively communicate and share ideas, stories, and work through interactive presentations.

We are a team of designers, engineers, students, teachers, musicians, foodies, parents, web developers and “users” who are passionate about creativity, self-expression, art, design, learning and innovation.

We come to building interactive presentation software with fresh ideas and perspective that fuels our desire to innovate and disrupt the current tools that have dominated for the last 20 years.

We had been developing, designing, and managing world class, content-driven apps for some of the top brands in the world and our mission is to enable anyone to build similar experiences as interactive presentations.

We set out to not just create a PowerPoint alternative for the iPad, but to define what interactive presentation software should be in the modern world.

We are a relatively small team, yet we have the skills, impetus and desire to make a major impact on the evolution of interactive presentation software. Our soul focus is to innovate and define interactive presentation software, not build hardware, or operating systems or a search engine.

FlowVella is interactive, multimedia driven presentation software designed for an always connected, always mobile audience.

Handcrafted with in Seattle, WA