This just in: FlowVella announced as launch partners with Adobe

October 5, 2014

At FlowVella, we have a profound respect for the artist’s canvas. After all, we’d never have the opportunity to delight in Monet’s Water Lilies or Botiticelli’s The Birth of Venus if there was no inviting blank space for them to fill. But here’s the thing: we’ve come a long way from the days of canvas and acrylic, paper and ink, clay and warm hands.

When it comes to presentation software, your canvas has never been more versatile—the possibilities never so unlimited—than it is with FlowVella. Create stunning interactive presentations with complete ease from your Mac or iPad to share with your friends, family, colleagues, students or whoever else will delight in your creation.

The team at FlowVella is excited to announce that Adobe has chosen us as one of a few select launch partners for the Creative Cloud. Users can now reach their Creative Cloud assets through FlowVella, allowing for seamless access to PDFs, photos, Illustrator documents, Photoshop and Lightroom files, and whatever other gems live in your Creative Cloud. One tool in particular that we’ve been singing the praises of is the Extract feature, which allows users to select a layer from within the PSD and extract an image asset—unlocking even more creative control over the images you incorporate into your presentations. Additionally, users can now browse the Creative Cloud Market, where they can utilize an impressive curated gallery of graphics, patterns and photos—giving them even more tools with which to grow their presentations.

But the exciting news doesn’t end there: FlowVella is pleased to announce that we have been invited to attend Adobe MAX 2014 as launch partners, and our RSVP is obviously checked in the “yes” column. We’ll have a sweet setup, where we’ll be demoing our product and giving away some swag. So, if you’re attending, make sure to pay us a visit.

As you can probably tell, we’re pretty thrilled about this partnership—which leads us to the question: What can we accomplish together that we could only dream of separately?

Let’s find out.