Happy 4th – FlowVella Mac 4.0 Launches!
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Happy 4th – FlowVella Mac 4.0 Launches!

We are delighted to announce the latest version of FlowVella for Mac 4.0! After launching FlowVella 6.0 last month, we promised there was an update coming to FlowVella for Mac. We added the two great new features from FlowVella 6.0, plus Mac specific features. Menu Bar FlowVella now has a ‘menu bar’ icon and features….

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Introducing the Next Generation of Presenting

Today we are thrilled to announce the latest and greatest FlowVella versions of the iPhone, iPad, and Mac apps. We have been hard at work to bring features that have been requested over and over again and ones we have cooked up in our little presentation software lab; widescreen support, a video presentation creator and pinch…

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The Ultimate Animated GIF Guide: History, Free GIFs, & More

With the introduction of Animated GIF support in FlowVella for iPad and Mac, we thought it was only right to compile a resource and guide to document the reemergence of the GIF, and so you can get the most out of this feature. Our goal here is to make the ULTIMATE resource guide for all things Animated…

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6 Next-Level Audio Presentation Ideas

In the latest update to FlowVella for iPad (released last week, full details on this post) and Mac we’ve added one of our top requested features of all time — Audio! We really think this feature can take your presentations to the next level in a multitude of ways. With that in mind, here are…

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Create an Audio Presentation with Dropbox, GarageBand & FlowVella

With the new audio support in FlowVella for iPad and Mac, you are probably wondering what the best way to create and add your audio is! If you already have sound clips you’d like to add, we highly recommend dropping them into a cloud source like Dropbox or Google Drive for easy access anytime. If…

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FlowVella Education – Clarifications with New Update, Free Student Accounts and Future

FlowVella Education – Clarifications, FREE Student Accounts and the Future   When we launched FlowVella (formerly Flowboard), we didn’t expect to have as many students and teachers use the iPad app as we have. We anticipated that we would get college and university students as well as teachers and professors. We knew that FlowVella was…

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FlowVella is Now Free – Free Presentation Software for Mac is Here!

FlowVella Mac is Now a FREE Download – Mac 1.3 & iPad 2.3 Now Available We have just released the latest versions of FlowVella for Mac and iPad and we have made some big changes! Most importantly, we have made the move to release the Mac app for free and updated how our free and…