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Happy 4th – FlowVella Mac 4.0 Launches!

Fireworks for the 4th FlowVella for Mac!

We are delighted to announce the latest version of FlowVella for Mac 4.0!

After launching FlowVella 6.0 last month, we promised there was an update coming to FlowVella for Mac. We added the two great new features from FlowVella 6.0, plus Mac specific features.

Menu Bar

FlowVella now has a ‘menu bar’ icon and features. You have quick access to create a new Flow, open FlowVella to your Flows, access your team folders (if you’re PRO), but the most innovative new feature is what we’ve done with copy and paste.

You can copy any image, video or PDF and then paste right into FlowVella without the app being actively open. You can create a new Flow or add on to a new Flow. The app will create a new screen and paste that image, video or PDF right into it in seconds.

Webview Object

  • You can embed a webview aka web page into a slide/screen. When viewed, and online, the app will populate the web page with live content. When you scroll over the webview (on the Mac), you can then interact with it, like any other web page. 

  • This is great for showing off a demo, showing a dashboard and many other uses. We can’t wait to see what you create with it!

4K Video 

  • Our customer, Dolby, asked us if we could support higher fidelity video within FlowVella’s video player. They sent us a couple samples, we ran them through our new 4K compression and they approved it. (Requires new PROPlus plan).

There are are several other improvements in FlowVella Mac 4.0, keeping it modern as the macOS continues to develop.

You can download FlowVella for Mac here or in the Mac App Store



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