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FlowVella Launches ‘Record’ – Record Video of Presentations

FlowVella just rolled out another first amongst all the mobile presentation apps: the ability to record video of your presentation with a voice over. While this capability has been seen before on PCs and Macs, this feature on your iPhone or iPad makes it amazingly simple and effective to produce videos.

From Presentations with Video to Record Video of Presentations

With FlowVella’s new ‘Record’ feature, on your iPhone or iPad, you simply hit record, then speak into your headset while you present. Hit ‘stop’ and choose to keep or discard your video. You can make light edits via iOS’s built-in trim features, and then save to your device and share anywhere.

Record Video Presentations
The ‘Record’ button in FlowVella for iPad or iPhone.


Video is Booming

Video as a medium of communication, entertainment, and knowledge transfer is experiencing exponential growth. Just last week was MTV’s 35th anniversary when “Video Killed the Radio Star” launched to the world. YouTube is over 10 years old and is part of the fabric of entertainment with massive ‘YouTubers’ that eclipse mainstream TV audiences. Facebook, which came to the video game relatively late, is now a video powerhouse with their auto-playing, silent videos and intelligent algorithms that engage us every day. They last reported (in 2015) 8 billion videos seen per day and over 100M hours of video viewed per day. Snapchat is also experiencing rapid, staggering growth in videos posted and viewed, daily, hourly and by the minute.

Video isn’t just for fun and entertainment. Video is how products are sold, how information is shared. Video is easy to digest anytime and anywhere and with all these platforms to share video, it is only going to get bigger and be more expected. LinkedIn just launched a new 30 second video product last week and video is starting to be used in sales training. Vidyard also wrote this post on How to Use Video to Close Deals.

What Are the Different Uses for Record

We see many uses of the new Record feature:

  • To add a voice narration to already designed presentation
  • To explain or follow up with a customer of the presentation you shared with them
  • To practice your presentation pitch, to create or practice portions of your video podcast anywhere
  • To show your team how to do the pitch like a pro
  • To create a competition on the best pitch video
  • To create an animated video using FlowVella’s built in auto advance tools
  • To make something creative and artistic
  • A personal story or slideshow

…and the list goes on.

What Will You Use Record to Do?

But, what really excites us is what and how our users will use the Record feature. Please let us know in the comments, share your videos with us, post on YouTube, or Facebook, or privately, wherever. We hope you find great use with the new Record feature and FlowVella!

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