FlowVella Video No Sound Issue

Don’t worry! Your sound issue is not uncommon and is not something wrong with the FlowVella app or your device. There are a couple of reasons why you may not be hearing sound while your FlowVella videos are playing. Verify That Your Volume Is Turned Up Swipe up from the bottom of your iPad’s screen to…


Rackspace Studios Interviews FlowVella CEO Brent Brookler

Rackspace Studios interviews FlowVella CEO Brent Brookler this week in San Francisco. All of us here at FlowVella were thrilled to score another interview with Robert Scoble! (You can watch his first interview with Scoble here if you missed it!) Brookler and Scoble chatted about the presentation space, what makes FlowVella stand out from the…


Building Video Presentations on iPad

Video can add another level of depth to presentations. Used properly, video can increase the impact of your idea, story or message.  Adding video to presentations has historically been difficult, but building video presentations on iPad is extremely easy with FlowVella. One of FlowVella’s strengths has always been it’s integration with video from day one. We…