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Intoducing FlowVella – The Next Era in Presentation Software

As you may have already noticed around here, things are looking a little bit different. That’s because Flowboard is now FlowVella™.

easiest way to beautiful presentations

As our product has grown and matured, our design has changed, and we’ve ultimately expanded from our mobile-centric roots. We launched the Mac version in July, and continue to improve the web player experience. While we always will be a “mobile” or “board” first platform, our new name reflects our mission at FlowVella – for you to share your story, or “novella,” with the world. While the name of our company and product may have changed, our mission has not. Our goal is to help our users tell their stories by providing the most intuitive, yet advanced, tool to create, share and present amazing presentations.

To celebrate, FlowVella for Mac launches today on sale for just $4.99 (regularly $19.99) with several new features including presenter notes and display, PowerPoint importing and more. FlowVella is also available today as a free iPad app on the App Store. Both versions offer the ability to upgrade to Premium for a low cost monthly or annual fee with additional features such as presentation metrics to track views of the presentation (down to how many pages were seen by each viewer), as well as larger files sizes, additional templates and the option to password protect Flows. Additionally, FlowVella Education is available today as a paid iPad version with academic templates for teachers and students to deeply convey thoughts, lessons and reports.

Today, we also announce our newest product and service, the iPad App Builder ( This service allows any FlowVella presentation to be transformed into a standalone, custom branded and distributed iPad app. By using FlowVella’s simple and intuitive, yet powerful authoring apps, “it’s the easiest way to go from an idea to an iPad app.” FlowVella counts Seattle’s EMP Museum as one of its first customers, powering two recently launched exhibits; “We Are 12” and “Indie Game Revolution.” For more information about the iPad App Builder, visit

And don’t worry – nothing on your end will be changing, besides getting used to a new name. Our logo isn’t changing, and all current Flowboard presentations and apps will remain functional and will automatically be replaced by the new FlowVella products, transparently creating a seamless transition with no extra cost or inconvenience to current Flowboard users or Premium Subscribers. From this point forward, we are calling presentations either ‘Flows’ or presentations and retiring the name ‘Flowboard.’ We can’t wait for you to ‘Create your Flow’ with FlowVella.

Thank you so much for your continued support!

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