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Presenter Notes, Presenter Display and Auto Advance

Today we’re introducing a few of our brand new features in the 1.1 FlowVella for Mac update: Presenter Notes, Presenter Display and Auto Advance (Autoplay)! We’ve heard from many of you that you often use FlowVella to present in front of a live audience and want a way to present in a timely and organized way. We’re inspired by the way you’ve been using FlowVella and added this set of features to make giving presentations easier and just a little less stressful.

Global Settings & Auto Advance (Autoplay)

We’ve created Global Settings that allow you to set your presentation to auto advance down to the fraction of a second. You can also set a transition between screens such as fade or slide. Not a fan of auto advance? No worries, just deselect the check box. You can still trigger a screen change on click or by tapping the arrow button while in “View” mode, same as always.


FlowVella Presentation Settings - Presenter Notes

You’ll be able to view the Presentation Notes and screen previews on your computer while your Flow is being projected or viewed on an external monitor.

Screen Settings & Presenter Notes

We’ve also added Screen Settings to allow precise control for each screen in your Flow. Set unique transitions and timers for each screen if you wish! We’ve also added a space for Presenter Notes, which you will be able to see when connected to an external monitor or projector while giving your presentation.

So how do you set this all up?

Set Up Presentation Settings in FlowVella /

First, navigate to Edit –> Presentation Settings… in the toolbar.

FlowVella Presentation Settings

Next, choose your Global Settings. Set the timer duration for your presentation and a transition. You can also uncheck auto-advance if you’d prefer to control the screens yourself.

Then, choose your Screen Settings. This allows you to set individual settings for each screen of your presentation. Click the arrows at the bottom of the dialog box to navigate to each screen, set the duration and transition of the screen if applicable, and type your presenter notes. These notes will be visible to you while you are in presenting and have a projector or external monitor hooked up.

Finally, when you’ve set all of your Presenter Notes and Settings, click the done button.

View on FlowVella – Presentation software for iPad and Mac

NOTE: Presentation notes and presenter view are only visible when connected to a second monitor or projector. We are looking to change this in the future.

At this time, these features are specific to the Mac app but will be making their way over to the iPad soon. We hope you enjoy the app update and these new features. As always, we’d love to hear from you! If you have feature suggestions, you can email them to us at any time or leave us a comment below!

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