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FlowVella 1.1 is Here – Touch Publishing Becoming a Reality

FlowVella 1.1 is Here

Flowboard 1.1
FlowVella 1.1 is here already!


Please visit this Flow for more details of FlowVella 1.1, but here is what’s updated:

• Add photos and videos from your Albums and Events
• New ‘snap guides’ feature for easy object alignment, with toggle button in Settings
• Templates are now downloaded and saved for off-line use
• Tap and hold to duplicate any media object
• New “Loading…” progress indicator when adding media

We heard your feedback and you wanted demanded that we have access to all your photos and videos from Albums and Events. We added that as fast as we possibly could because we listen to our users and with our users’ help, we are making FlowVella the best possible.

We know that it can be hard to align objects so that they are ‘pixel perfect’. We have been working on our ‘snap guide‘ system for a while, but it wasn’t quite ready for launch, but it is now available. This is the first half of the feature. Currently, snap guides don’t support when a user is adjusting the size of an object and that is coming in FlowVella 1.2.

We are huge fans of ‘offline’ use of FlowVella and in any iPad app. All our templates are now available to work offline. Download the template once, and it is there to be used in the subway, on an airplane or if you are in the backcountry or anywhere where the Internet isn’t available.

Duplication of objects. Don’t call it ‘copy’ yet because it immediately duplicates and it’s on the same screen, but we think copy and paste is great and are scheming when we can add that. In the meantime, duplicate can speed things up and working in concert with our snap guides, you will be making pixel perfect Flows in minutes.

Progress is good, so we’ve added progress indicators whenever you’re adding media to your Flows.

We are working hard on FlowVella 1.2 and we have even more good stuff coming. We’re adding new features, and tweaking existing to ensure that FlowVella has the best user experience. We won’t stop iterating until we have built the ultimate touch publishing platform.

Enjoy and if you have any feedback, please let us know. Thanks for all the amazing support!

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