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Scobleizer Interviews FlowVella CEO Brent Brookler

Scobleizer interviews FlowVella CEO Brent Brookler on this latest video press! Brent was able to meet with the famed Robert Scoble this week in San Francisco at Rackspace HQ. We are so excited to see another awesome video featuring FlowVella!

In the above video, Brent shared some history about our company, the press we have received, and how our product continues to change based on user feedback. He also talks about our latest 1.1 update, which included critical items that were asked for, like snap guides, duplication, and albums on your iPad. Brent also shared a few of the great Flows that have already been made, like Fiat 500 by Francesco de Vincentis, Explore Nottinghamshire by Les Churchman, and our Press Kit.

Robert Scoble then asks to see how FlowVella works. Brent walks him through the templates, including Portfolio, Scrapbook, and Industriographic. Choosing Industriographic, Brent adds a few screens to his Flow. He then explains the object and menu concept, as well as how our touch gestures work. Brent details how Google Image Search works by googling “Robert Scoble” and drops in the image. He also shows him how to add a link to the image he just added. Additionally, Brent gave a sneak peek at what’s coming in 1.2, like YouTube video integration. Start the video at 8:20 to view a hands-on interaction with this new, awesome feature! We hope to have the update out in the middle of next month. View Scobelizer Interviews FlowVella CEO and Founder Brent Brookler on YouTube

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