Mick Fleetwood’s Visual Storytelling Techniques on Social Media

February 25, 2015

Fleetwood's On Front StreetWhen Fleetwood’s on Front Street was planning their restaurant’s Halloween bash, they knew they wanted it to be big. But how do you reach your audience on social media sites like Facebook and cut through all of the other noise? According to the Fleetwood’s marketing team, it’s all about storytelling techniques. As many small business owners know, getting your message across in a few words is key on social media sites. You want to grab attention, but when you’re promoting an event, sometimes just a few words can’t properly convey every detail. And creating the whole story with a single image that can be displayed on social media is difficult. That’s where FlowVella came in and helped the Fleetwood’s marketing team with engagement on their Facebook page.

Did they get results? You bet.

Check out what Mick Fleetwood had to say in this article with Restaurant Startup & Growth:

“For this past Halloween we had a special dinner. The team promoted it on Facebook with our flyer and a group of photos including menu and some shots of the band playing and me at the restaurant. They posted it on Facebook and got some reservations. But Facebook groups all the photos in a box and visitors have to hunt through them. So the team took the photos and info and made a little communication on an app called FlowVella, a presentation application for the Apple Mac and iPad.

They posted the same info up on Facebook the following day and got four times the reservations with the same data. It was just that they controlled the story better by making a virtual slideshow that allowed booking within that show. They say it took five minutes to make it and now we use that tool all the time. It’s become much more about finding and exploiting tools on the net than just about using the net. It’s not being there, it’s now about how you are being there, if that makes sense.”

Even we were blown away by the results! Increasing reservations by 4 times is an amazing testament to the amount of power that visual storytelling really has on marketing and social engagement. We hope other restaurants and small businesses will follow Fleetwood’s example and lead with a visual story.

We think Fleetwood’s has really nailed the visual storytelling concept. Here is one of their latest Flows:

View on FlowVella – Presentation Software for iPad and Mac

For more from Mick Fleetwood’s interview, be sure to visit Restaurant Startup and Growth Magazine.

Have you implemented a storytelling component into your social media posts? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!