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Animal Activist Shares Stories with FlowVella

Here at FlowVella, we are huge animal lovers. And we love nothing more than a feel-good story, especially when it relates to our pets. L.A. Bowden, an Animal activist shares stories with FlowVella. Bowden is a writer, blogger, and an advocate for animals of all kinds in Nova Scotia, Canada.

We are thrilled to see her posting her animal rescue Flows to Twitter, Facebook and wherever she posts. Bowden inspires us by her dedicated efforts to share these stories, and find the animals their happily-ever-afters. We hope you’ll be just as inspired by her stories as we are! We hope you will share her stories which will further reach more people and elevate her positive actions of change.

Below are a few presentations that L.A. Bowden created recently with FlowVella:

Lucy’s Story

View on FlowVella – Presentation and Storytelling Platform for iPad
Lucy has been searching for her forever home far too long. Originally rescued from the streets of the First Nations Community of Natuashish, Labrador where she had lived her entire life.

Bear, a Canadian Rescue Story

View on FlowVella – Presentation and Storytelling Platform for iPad
Bear is a testament to what often is a brutal Canadian winter & the hope of what was to be a better life than that which he has left behind. Please read & share his story & inspire others to consider adopting a rescue animal.

The Wild Horses of Sweets Corner, Nova Scotia

View on Flowboard – Presentation and Storytelling Platform for iPad

Follow efforts underway to relocate 17 wild horses in Sweets Corner near Windsor, Nova Scotia. A land sale had put these horses in jeopardy of being destroyed. However, since then many have come together to save these beautiful animals.

If you enjoyed those Flowboards, be sure to follow L.A. Bowden and her rescue efforts on her blog or Twitter.

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