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Add Links to Increase Presentation Interactivity

Presentation Interactivity is Easily Unlocked by Adding Links Adding links to presentations is one of the best ways to add interactivity and keep your viewers engaged. Because most your users are used to navigating content via the web or in apps, they are used to tapping or clicking on text or images and navigating to another…

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Unposting vs. Deleting a Flow

Have you ever posted a Flow only to realize you made a mistake and need to unpost it immediately? No worries! This is a simple task, and we’re going to walk you through a couple of options for unposting a Flow. How to Unpost a Flow On the iPad, unposting is simple. Tap on the…

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How To Build a Graphic Design Portfolio

As a designer, one of my favorite uses for FlowVella is none other than making a design portfolio! There aren’t a lot of options out there for designers to “plug and play” their content without creating a full website. FlowVella is a great solution to this problem; just grab your portfolio pieces from your favorite…

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How to Create Your Own Presentation Template

FlowVella provides many different presentation templates for you to choose from, but did you know you can also create your own “templates” for later use? This is perfect for those of you who may use FlowVella in a business capacity to keep branding consistent and to save time. It’s simple if you’ve already created the Flow,…

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How to Create a Website From Your Flow with Domain Masking

You probably have seen that you can embed your Flow on your blog or website… but did you know you can also create a website from a Flow? If you own a domain name already, it’s pretty easy. Follow our instructions below (especially if you use GoDaddy, but this will work with other domain providers…

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How to Include a PDF and Alter the Preview Image in 6 Easy Steps (FlowVella for Mac)

Have you been wondering how to add your PDFs to your Flows? We’re here to help! We’ve got the full tutorial to help you through adding your own PDF to your Flow, as well as how to update the preview image so that you can use your own custom image to represent your PDF! 1….

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Create a Digital Wedding Album with FlowVella

Three New Digital Ideas To Consider For Your Wedding Day FlowVella app for iPad offers fun new ways create interactive love stories of newlyweds-to-be by creating a digital wedding album to share with friends everywhere Today, the average wedding will cost couples about $30,000 for the big day. That’s a pretty hefty price tag for being “average.”…

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Add Transitions to Links in iPad Presentations with FlowVella

Did you know you that you can now add transitions to links in iPad presentations with FlowVella? In FlowVella version 2.0 for the iPad we’ve added this most requested feature. Add Transitions to Links in iPad Presentations with FlowVella 1. To set a link, first, you will need to add a text or image object…