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How to Create a Website From Your Flow with Domain Masking

You probably have seen that you can embed your Flow on your blog or website… but did you know you can also create a website from a Flow?

If you own a domain name already, it’s pretty easy. Follow our instructions below (especially if you use GoDaddy, but this will work with other domain providers as well!) and you’ll have a website set up in minutes.

How to Create a Website from your Flow with Domain Masking

1. Create your Flow on the iPad or Mac app, then post it.
Some of our templates work very well for websites. Remember you can add links to different screens which will make your website function by clicking or tapping on the links, not just scrolling to the next screen.

Create A Flowboard - Flowboard

2. Copy the URL from your Flow.

Create A Flowboard Post and Share - Flowboard

3. Sign in to your GoDaddy or other domain name provider account, and go to your dashboard. Select the Domain name you’d like to use, then click on Forwarding.

Domain Name Forwarding - Flowboard

4. Paste the URL of your Flow from Step #2, then add “?iframe=true” at the end of the URL.

Add Forwarding - Flowboard

5. Under “Forward Settings” select “Forward with Masking” if you’d like your domain name to show up in the URL bar of the browser, or “Forward only” if you want your Flow URL to be displayed there on page load.

Forwarding with Masking - Flowboard

6. Fill out the other details like title, description, and keywords. Select the check box next to “Update my nameservers and DNS settings to support this change.” then click Edit.

7. Ensure that the “Forward to” has the correct URL, then click on “Save”.

Forwarding with Masking Confirmation - Flowboard

8. Allow a few seconds or minutes to update, then try going to your domain. Your Flow should appear.

You can see my example below at jenn-designs.com:

Jenn Haskins Seattle Designer Flowboard

To see Flows as websites in action, check out a few of our favorites:
FlowVella CEO, Brent Brookler
FlowVella Designer, Jenn Haskins
FlowVella Power User and Business Owner, Scott for K. Simon Construction

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you run into any problems or have questions, we’ll be here to answer them in the comments, or you can email us for help anytime.

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