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Create a Video from Your Presentation

Create Video from Your Presentation in Minutes

Video is the most powerful and engaging medium we have to tell stories, sell products, and influence others. With video, you have it all, especially if you are using a presentation as a backdrop. You have text, images, sound all flowing (see what I did there?) together to weave your story into a tapestry. When you create a video from your presentation, you transform that presentation into something else. For sales, you can take an existing presentation and customize it for a prospect by adding your voice.

Create Video from your Presentation
FlowVella makes it super simple to create video from your presentation, anytime, anywhere.

With FlowVella’s iPad and iPhone app, creating video from presentations has never been easier. It’s almost too easy. Well, not really. It is easy to use ‘technically’, but once you make that first video, and you review it, you will invariably want to redo it again and again. When you make a tangible, shareable piece of content like a video and you want to share it with a prospect, or a co-worker, a friend, or stranger, you will want it to be ‘better’. This is a good thing. You will probably do 3 or 4 or maybe more versions, or maybe you are that good, and do it on the first take. Regardless, you will inadvertently be training on your material.

Presentation to Video in 6 Easy Steps

1. Download FlowVella.

You can download the FlowVella Presentation App for iPhone or iPad. Creating your presentation in the Mac App is easier for some people, however, we do not yet support recording video.

2. Create a compelling, attractive presentation in FlowVella.

Use an existing template, or start from scratch. Use amazing images, use less words per page, have a narrative, tell a story about your product or service from your point of view.

3. Attach a microphone or headset and get somewhere quiet.

Sound quality is important, so either be in a very quiet place, and/or use a microphone or headset. Poor audio quality makes video bad, so capture the best audio you can.

4. Hit ‘record’ and start shooting that video.

After you hit record, FlowVella will prompt you to allow it to use your microphone. Allow it, and after about a second or two, you will see the timer on the video to start to move. Once it hits one second, start talking and introduce yourself and your presentation.

5. View your video, then retake, then retake again until it meets your standards.

You probably won’t like the first take of your video and that is fine. Watch the video all the way through, notice where it could be better and do another take and another take until you are happy with the results. You will be practicing your pitch while creating a video share. Look Ma, two birds with one stone!

6. Share your video.

Your video will be saved to camera roll and with the ‘share sheet’ within FlowVella, you can immediately post to all your favorite social media sites, or send via messages, email or just keep. After you save your video, you could even add to a FlowVella presentation. How ‘meta’ is that?

Alternatives to Create Video from Your Presentation on iPhone or iPad

1. Load up a presentation in FlowVella. Then, attach your cable to your Mac and use Quicktime. In Quicktime, start a new movie recording, and then change to the connected iPad or iPhone camera.

2. Spark by Adobe is a mobile-only video creation tool. They have nice templates, graphics, and sounds, and they help guide you through making a video. You won’t have a presentation that you could share after, and I don’t believe that you can import a presentation, but it could be a nice alternative.

Ways to Create Video From Your Presentation on Mac or PC

1. Camtasia

Camtasia by TechSmith has been around ‘forever’ and has a great system for creating screen recordings on your Mac (and PC). They started out as ‘simply’ a screen recording app, and over the years, they have added more video editing and creation features.

2. Keynote

From within Keynote on Mac, you can create a video from your presentation. There has been some discussion that they have removed some features of screen recording when Keynote was rebuilt a few years back. They apparently don’t allow audio within the slides to play when recording (FlowVella does), but it still does allow a narration and video export.

3. Others.

You could use PowerPoint and I’m sure there are countless other tools that we have missed.

Please let us know in the comments if you know other tools and if you have suggestions on how to make FlowVella’s video recording solution better.

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