FlowVella ♥s Slack: The First Presentation App on Slack

October 20, 2016

If, like us, you use Slack to collaborate with your team, then you’re definitely going to love the news we’re sharing today! We’re happy to announce that FlowVella has integrated with Slack and the FlowVella Slack App is now available in the Slack App Directory.

FlowVella Slack Graphic - FlowVella Presentation App
So what can you do with the FlowVella App for Slack? A few things like…

Take the Guess Work Out of Following Up

You’ll know instantly via Slack when your Flow is viewed*. No more guessing about when the perfect time to follow up with your prospect is!
*PRO account needed for the Direct Track feature, but Slack users can try for free for 14 days when using the promo code SLACKTRIAL

How to Track Your Presentation

Wondering how to track your presentation? Just follow these 5 easy steps:
1. Create a presentation and post it.
2. Then, Pro users can select the Direct Track button.
3. Enter the email address of your prospect.
4. Generate the link or start the email.
5. When your prospect opens the presentation you get a notification in slack.

Quickly Load and Share Your Flows

Use the /flow command plus your Flow’s string ID (the short alphanumeric code at the end of the URL), like /flow 3wuz and your Flow will load instantly. To figure out the ID, it’s the letter and number combination after the /s/ in a FlowVella URL. (Like this one: flowvella.com/s/3wuz)

For alerts on Slack, use FlowVella’s Direct Track feature. Share your presentations to prospects by creating an individualized link with their email address. Get alerts when they view the presentation.

Visit the Slack App Directory to download now, or you can learn more about our integration here.