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Unposting vs. Deleting a Flow

Have you ever posted a Flow only to realize you made a mistake and need to unpost it immediately? No worries! This is a simple task, and we’re going to walk you through a couple of options for unposting a Flow.

How to Unpost a Flow

Unposting vs. Deleting a Flowboard: Unpost Your Flowboard

On the iPad, unposting is simple. Tap on the Flow’s tile on the My Flows screen, then tap on the settings icon in the upper left corner of the Edit Your Flow screen. Select “Unpost” on the pop up alert.

How to Delete a Flow

Unposting vs. Deleting a Flowboard : Delete Your Flowboard

On the Mac app, the easiest way to unpost your Flow is to either set its privacy as “Only I can see it” (more on this below), or duplicate the Flow and delete the original. This will save your data in a new copy of the Flow, and remove the original from searches and your profile. Please note that you will need to repost the new version once it’s completed, and it will have a different URL once posting is complete. The unpost feature is coming soon to Mac!

Hide Your Flow from Your Profile and Search

Unposting vs. Deleting a Flowboard: Setting Privacy Options

If you’re concerned about someone finding your Flow, we have a couple of privacy options. If you want your Flow to be inaccessible to anyone but you, select “Only I can see it” when posting. You can also choose to post your Flow so only those with your unique URL can see it. With this privacy option, these Flows are not accessible from your public profile. If you’ve already posted your Flow but wish to change its privacy settings, just select the Post button on the Edit Your Flow screen’s toolbar, select the correct privacy setting, and then hit Next.

For more how-to’s, be sure to check out our FlowVella How-To tag, full of great tutorials on how to best use Flowboard. If you have any questions about this how-to, feel free to ask them in the comment section below.

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