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Introducing FlowVella Web Social!


Yesterday, we released a new more social version of FlowVella.com. Internally, we have been referring to this major update as “FlowVella Web Social”. I think you’ll be pleased with community oriented features that we have added.

With this new version of FlowVella.com, viewer can provide comments on each FlowVella that you publish. As the comments come in, you can respond and begin to engage with your audience as they explore your FlowVella presentation online. We’ve also added other engagement metrics for you. A lot of Flows have started to become popular across the web, and now you can see how many views your Flows are receiving.  We’ve also added the ability for users to ‘Like’ your Flow or save it to their Flow Library so that they can easily return to it later on web and iPad.

We are excited to have made FlowVella.com a social place to hang out and exchange ideas, and we still have some more great social features in the works!

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