Saving a Draft vs. Sharing Your Flow

Whether you’re new to FlowVella or creating your Flows is old hat, there’s nothing wrong with a little refresh of the way some of the interface works! Something we get questions on is what “Save Draft” does. Today, I wanted to break down exactly what pressing that “Save Draft” button does, why we have it there, and how to post your Flow so that you can share it with others.

Save Draft

FlowVella Save Draft Function - FlowVella Presentation Software

We created the Save Draft button because we wanted to allow you to come to a stopping point and feel confident to leave the app without fearing that your work would be lost. When you press “Save Draft” we save a copy of all of your media (images, galleries, videos, etc.) to the FlowVella Cloud. We don’t, however, post this “live” for anyone else to view. This is why when you login to FlowVella.com, you won’t see Flows that have been saved as drafts. They’re only available when you’re logged in and have the iPad or Mac app open. We recommend using the Save Draft button whenever you will be leaving the app for an extended period of time yet haven’t shared your Flow yet.

Post & Share Your Flow

FlowVella Share Your Flow - FlowVella Presentation Software

Once you’ve finished your Flow and are satisfied with how it looks and works, it’s time to upload and post it! You’ll be able to create a custom URL (if you’d like, this is optional), add a description, set your privacy options, and allow others to duplicate your Flow, make their own edits, and repost it as their own if you choose. After filling in this information, we’ll upload and push your content live. Posting is the only way in which you can get a web URL for your Flow. (Aside from physically handing them your iPad or having them come to your computer, at least!)

Alternatively, you can select the Share button to also post and then share your Flow. After going through the posting process, you’ll see a window to share your Flow URL on social media like Facebook and Twitter, via email, and embed code that you can use on your website or blog.

One additional thing to note is that if you’ve set your Flow to private, you’ll only be able to see these items if you’re signed in.

Unposting a Flow

Unpost Your Flow - FlowVella Presentation Software

With everything else in life, sometimes accidents happen and you may need to unpost your Flow. We get it, which is why there’s an unpost button in the Flow Settings on the Edit Your Flow screen on the iPad app. If you’re in the Mac app, you can find this feature on the My Flows screen (just right or control click to see the pop up menu).

We hope this clears up any confusion or questions you may have about saving and sharing your Flows. For any other questions, feel free to leave us a comment below or you can send an email to our support team anytime!


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