Infinite Possibilities, the Best is Yet to Come!

December 17, 2015

Flow + Love = Infinite Possibilities

Today, FlowVella turns 1. Happy birthday, happy anniversary, we’re growing up. You may recall that we changed our name and are actually a little older than 1, but I digress.

As we celebrate our first birthday, reflect on the coming holidays and the new year, we have searched within ourselves and have recharged our intent. We recently added “Made with ♥ in Seattle” on the footer of every page of our web site, in the credits of our Mac app, and you will be seeing it in other places soon as well.

We put love and attention into the products we design and build here. We take care to provide you with the best experience, and we continue to be open to change and grow as a product.

We give our customers love and support. We are always here for you. You will get responses from real humans. There is an actual heartbeat on the other side of the support and feedback emails you send us and we get back to you as fast as we can. (And we apologize if this isn’t always as quick as we would like. We’re a very small team.) We aren’t a faceless big corporation who happens to have a presentation app, we are 100% focused on building the best interactive presentation software in the world.

We believe that by putting our heart and love into all that we do; into our products, our users, and our community, we will have infinite possibilities. We have a huge, new product coming in early 2016 that is going to propel FlowVella to the next level while providing our users the ultimate solution. We can’t wait to share it with you.

In celebration of our birthday and the holidays, we are offering 25% off all plans through December 21, use the promo code, happybirthday or you can subscribe here.

We thank you for your love and support. Happy Holidays! The best is yet to come!

– Brent and the FlowVella team

To download FlowVella, visit our download page or get it on the Mac App Store or iPad App Store.

Made with in Seattle