How WOW Chocolates Boosted Sales with an eCommerce Product Catalog

December 11, 2015

Something we love here at FlowVella is supporting fellow small businesses. When we discovered two Flows from WOW Chocolates, we were really, well, wowed! It’s clear why they’ve been so successful, from their unique chcolate offerings to their creative marketing and sales ideas. We just had to share their story and successes from using FlowVella as an eCommerce product catalog!

WOW Chocolates was co-founded by two sisters, Maire and Lesly. Lesly started out making bon bons as gifts for friends, but soon found it was her passion and began her business. She taught her sister the art of making truffles and bon bons, and together they’ve created truffles that are both delicious and beautiful to look at! These aren’t just your regular, run of the mill boxed chocolate. Each truffle or bon bon is hand painted with coco butter and organic pigment “paint.” They source their chocolate from Venezuela and are certified Fair Trade. They have a passion for the finest ingredients, and use fresh ingredients free of preservatives, artificial color and flavors. e As they say, “y que iva el chocolate!” (“And live the chocolate!”)

WOW Chocolates Lelsy Chacon Quote - FlowVella Presentation Software

Lesly chose FlowVella because “as a small business owner, [she] need effective tools that are easy to use and provide great value to my business. [Her] passion is making edible art, not presentations!” She loved that she could easily (and quickly) create an eCommerce product catalog of her chocolates and post updates on the go, without having to redistribute an entirely new file to potential customers. Lesly has shared a few things with us that she thinks made her Flow so successful for her business.

Creating an eCommerce Product Catalog

Lesly’s main goal with using FlowVella, as with any business, is to create brand awareness and in turn sell more product. Her first creation was to create a holiday gift guide to share what how her product could help her customers all throughout the holiday season. Lesly told us that they also “need[ed] an active catalog that links to our website so customers can purchase our products.” She then created a product catalog dedicated to her flagship product: the bon bon.

Navigation Links

The WOW Chocolate Bon Bon product catalog does an excellent job of using links to allow a viewer to seamlessly travel from page to page. If they’re interested in a particular flavor, they can just select it to be taken to that page, and then back to the list without much effort.

Informational Links

Lesly and her team didn’t stop at just linking to her own products. She also wanted to make her Flow a valuable resource to her viewers and customers. Instead of just including links to buy, she also included informational and informative links about the history of cashews, chocolate, and other relevant topics. Providing value beyond your product can ensure customer trust and satisfaction.


Analytics are so important to learning what your business is doing right and where you can improve. Lesly told us that “the analytics give us insight as to how many and how often people are viewing our Flows.” Our detailed analytics system can help you find out where sharing your Flow has been successful, and where it hasn’t. Plus, get insight to which screens are the most popular, how long people are viewing your Flow, and much more.

Updates on the Go

For small businesses, there’s never enough time in the day and often small business owners aren’t just working in one location. As Lesly said, “the ability to update the Flows so that the next time someone looks at the catalog they see the latest version was an important factor when we chose our presentation platform. Creating new Flows on an iPad is easy and we can access all of our digital assets from Dropbox, Facebook, etc.” We love that she’s utilizing the connected apps like Facebook and Dropbox, and that she can publish updates anytime, anywhere without having to share a whole new file.

Does your small business have a success story from using FlowVella as part of its marketing strategy? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below, or email us!