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FlowVella Gives A 365-Day Review On The New World of Presentations

FlowVella, one year after it launched to the App Store, shows strong demand for new presentation tools especially among teachers, students, professionals, creators and storytellers.

We believe that people create or view a mind-blowing number of presentations in a lifetime, yet many of these presentations were created with software used by our fathers and mothers. It was time to drive forth new software innovation for presentations so last April, we launched FlowVella for iPad. FlowVella focuses on new mobile-first creative tools that turn your iPad into a blank canvas, and makes it incredibly easily to create, share, and present the story from anywhere to anyone, no matter what device they are on.

Now, 365 days later, FlowVella is used by a growing number of teachers, students, professionals, creators and storytellers who represent more than 160,000 registered users that have uploaded over 2 million pieces of content. Today, more than 4,000 schools that are teaching tomorrow’s workforce use FlowVella in their classroom and its helping transform the way students learning from reading, writing and even arithmetic as you can see here. With FlowVella, presentations aren’t confined to a computer screen but they can be seen from any screen giving teachers and students greater flexibility to create, collect and collaborate on information respective to the learning process.





Our users have also been grateful enough to share with us their wants and needs, and we’ve launch several additional features over the year such as snap grids for easier alignment when adding content to boards, printing and PDF capabilities, and our embedded web player, which are ideal for blogs and sites, just to name a few. We are continuing to expand our growing library of templates as well, and recently added templates from well-respected presentation designer and creator of SlideDocsNancy Duarte.

As we look ahead to the next 365 days we’re excited about what’s to come for FlowVella and our users. And while other presentation software makers are finally making the leap to iPad, we know that we’ve developed FlowVella from the ground up for a touch publishing experience unlike any other. Just ask the teachers, students, professionals, creators and storytellers already using it.

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