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Add Links to Increase Presentation Interactivity

Presentation Interactivity is Easily Unlocked by Adding Links

Adding links to presentations is one of the best ways to add interactivity and keep your viewers engaged. Because most your users are used to navigating content via the web or in apps, they are used to tapping or clicking on text or images and navigating to another page or loading a video, etc. Linking within your presentation allows the viewer the option to dive deeper into specific parts of your story and content and adds the presentation interactivity that your viewers expect. Linking outside of your presentation to an external website, for instance, can add valuable information to your presentation without cluttering up your slides. Linking to relevant contact information such as an email address provides convenience to your viewer.  And what about linking to another relevant presentation? You can grab the viewer’s attention and keep it by providing them with even more relevant, useful information.

Add Interactive Links to your Presentation with FlowVella

For these reasons, we believe one of the most useful features of FlowVella is the ability to set links. Linking to another screen, another Flow, to a web page or email address is incredibly useful and creates that interactive experience that so many viewers crave from traditional, boring presentations. Today we’re going to share exactly what each of these link options means, and how to add a link to any text object or image object within your Flows.

Setting a link is simple. Just select any existing text or image object, or add a new one. Then select the link button (shown in the image above) and fill out the form fields accordingly, as seen below.

Set a Link to a Website

Set Web Link

Easily set any image or text object as a link to any website. Click on your object, click the link button from the toolbar, then select “Set Web Link.” Paste or type your web URL into the form field and click “Done.” On the Mac app, viewers will be launched to his or her default web browser. Viewers on the iPad app will see an internal browser pop up to display the web page.

Set a Link to an Email Address

Set an Email Link

If you’d like to set an image or text object to open a new email message, select the object, click on the link button in the toolbar, then choose “Set Email Link.” Paste or type in the email address, then click “Done.” Any viewer who clicks on your linked object will be prompted to compose an email to your selected recipient using his or her default mail app.

Set a Link to Another Screen in the Same Flow

Set Screen Link

Want full control of the way your viewers see your presentation? Easily set up navigation controls, a table of contents, or create a non-linear presentation by using our Screen Link feature. To set a screen link, select your object, click the set link button, then choose “Set Screen Link.” You can also choose from a variety of transitions like slide in, fade in, flow to screen, or none.

Set a Link to Another Flow

Set a Link to Another Flow

If you have two Flows you’d like to link together, you can do that as well. Just select your object, click the set link button, then choose “Set Flow Link.” You’ll need to know the ID or full share URL of the other Flow to be able to set a link. The String ID can be found at the end of the URL after the “/s/” and is usually 3 or 4 alphanumeric characters. Be sure to also select the screen number you’d like to start on. You can link to a Flow that you don’t own as long as it’s not “Private.”

Questions? Comments? Feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you. Looking to add a link on iPad? We’ve got you covered there too with this blog post.

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