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Introducing Kiosk Mode & new updates for FlowVella Apps!

We have been hard at work, parsing what features people have been asking for either directly or by us figuring out what we can do to make our customers have the best presentation app and experience. With that, we are pleased to bring you FlowVella 4.0 for iPhone and iPad as well as release Mac version 2.5 into the Mac App Store today!

Introducing Kiosk Mode for Presentations Made with FlowVella

First, we bring you, Kiosk Mode. We have worked with museums, retail stores, event organizers and more that utilize FlowVella as a secure, portable and interactive digital display. We saw a need for a way for to easily lock screens in a public place so that viewers couldn’t inadvertently close out of the presentation, and we think Kiosk Mode is the perfect solution. When you select Kiosk Mode, the screen is locked, and you can use a PIN to unlock it. Additionally, a timer resets your presentation after a specified time, and autoplay videos are set to loop. Kiosk Mode is only available for PRO subscriptions at $20 a month, and we’re now offering a seven-day trial of PRO subscriptions in-app on iPad and iPhone, so you can try it out.

Kiosk Mode for iPad - FlowVella Presentation App

Next, we bring you PDF import and conversion to the iPad and iPhone. Use the “Open In” feature of your iPhone or iPad for your PDFs and select FlowVella. The app will open and begin to convert your PDF to a Flow. At this time, we only support landscape PDFs, and PDFs will be converted to images.

Additionally, FlowVella for Mac 2.5 has also been released to the App Store. We previously made this version available on our website, and this release brings the App Store version up to date. Features include auto-play videos, PDF import, 11 new fonts, a fix to a bug affecting Mac Sierra users relating to text, and more.

To all apps, we have made some small tweaks, performance upgrades, and bug fixes. We’ve improved the look of our Help page on iPad, the create button is now circular, and “play” buttons have been removed from videos, galleries, and PDFs for a cleaner look. We hope to bring these play buttons back as a setting in the future, but we like the cleaner look, and you can always create your call to action that matches your brand.

Account and Device Policy Update:

Starting with these releases, we started to institute the one device type per account policy. This means that you can have 1 iPad, 1 iPhone and 1 Mac on a single account. You can’t have two Macs or two iPads or two iPhones. This is a common practice for software companies and it was time for us to embrace this for many reasons. We are in the midst of developing a new paid tier that can have many devices. This is for companies and organizations that are using FlowVella as a kiosk or digital display. If you are affected by this now, please contact us and we can work with you. We already have the systems in place to increase the number of allowed devices, we just have yet to implement introductory pricing while we learn the needs of our customers. If you think we should have a new tier that allows for maybe 2 devices types per account, we’re open to suggestions and feedback.

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