Create an Impactful Presentation with Autoplay Videos

What’s better than videos in a presentation? Autoplay videos, of course! FlowVella is happy to share that we now support inline, auto playing videos. The feature is available in our iPhone, iPad, and Mac App, and all are viewable on any web-enabled device.

So why autoplay videos? About a month ago, three potential customers reached out to us within the span of a few days asking if we supported autoplay video. We hate to say no, but we had to because we didn’t support yet. This has been on our roadmap for a long time so after a few internal discussions, we went for it.

So, how do I add autoplay video to a presentation?

First, add video to your screen. Then, tap or click on the autoplay setting. Once clicked, it will turn green to let you know it’s on autoplay. When you view your presentation and land on the screen containing the autoplay video, it will start instantly. (Please note, sometimes there might be a slight delay if the video has not been downloaded yet. After it’s been downloaded, you shouldn’t see a delay again.)

This feature is super simple for our first release, but we hope to add more video focused features and settings in the near future.

Autoplay Video Details:

  • Videos on mobile have no controls in this first version. To stop a video, go to the next/previous screen or exit playing mode.
  • Videos on Mac will only show the controls when the size of the video object is 600 pixels wide or larger.
  • You can put multiple videos on a single screen, and they all will start playing at the same time.
  • If you have an existing video, nothing changes. It will launch into the full-screen video player as it always has.
  • If you do NOT set a video to autoplay, it behaves like existing videos and launches into the full-screen video player.

So how should you utilize autoplay videos in your presentation? That part is entirely up to you and we look forward to seeing how you incorporate this new feature into your Flows!

Have you tried the new autoplay feature? Do you have feedback to share with us about autoplay videos? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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