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PowerPoint for iPad Review

PowerPoint for iPad Review

On March 27, Microsoft made the bold move of launching their Office suite of applications for the iPad. After much rumor and speculation, Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint are now available as native iPad apps. In this PowerPoint for iPad review, we examine the features and functionality and point out what features the PowerPoint iPad app is currently lacking.

A PowerPoint for iPad Review from a Flowboard Perspective
A PowerPoint for iPad Review from a FlowVella Perspective

PowerPoint and the Office team have done a good job of building a well designed and functioning touch application. It includes some key features that users would expect. The PowerPoint iPad app has focused on what PowerPoint has historically done well; text, bullets, tables, transitions and shapes. The PowerPoint iPad app falls short in its support of image manipulation, video and multimedia support and interactivity. The PowerPoint for iPad also lacks innovation across the board and shockingly, doesn’t support importing content from any cloud services, including its own.

We realize that this is a 1.0 version of the PowerPoint for iPad app and what will be more interesting to see is the cadence of updates and innovations in the future of PowerPoint on the iPad platform.

Below is a full review, built in FlowVella, of course, using our new Duarteslidedocs‘ templates.

View on FlowVella – Presentation software for iPad

We would love to hear what you think the new PowerPoint iPad app in the comments.

From the embedded Flow:

After much speculation, and before releasing a new version on new Windows touch devices, Microsoft launches Office for iPad.

New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella launches the Office suite of apps for iPad on March 27, ushering the next chapter for Microsoft’s Office suite of applications.

Instead of ‘protecting’ the Windows franchise and operating system, Microsoft claims their dedication to having Office on all platforms and unified with their cloud offering, OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive).

Word, Excel and PowerPoint for iPad are free to download and users can open and read their respective documents in the free apps. In order to create or edit, users will have to have an Office 365 subscription, which costs $100/year. Users can buy these subscriptions in the app via the Apple App Store.


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