6 Steps to Make an Impressive Presentation
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6 Steps to Make an Impressive Presentation

At FlowVella, we’re in the business of helping you tell a story. But what happens when you’re not sure what that story is yet? I think we’ve all been there; you’ve been asked by to come back to your alma mater and give a talk about your current career path. Or maybe you’ve been asked to…

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FlowVellaTV is live – FlowVella on the new AppleTV

FlowVellaTV on AppleTV We are thrilled to announce FlowVellaTV has just launched on AppleTV! Go to the App Store, go to search and enter ‘f l o’ you should see FlowVellaTV. It’s not only what you might think though. FlowVellaTV is the new AppleTV app loaded with expert presentation tips and tricks videos and a…