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FlowVellaTV is live – FlowVella on the new AppleTV

FlowVellaTV on AppleTV

FlowVellaTV on AppleTV

We are thrilled to announce FlowVellaTV has just launched on AppleTV! Go to the App Store, go to search and enter ‘f l o’ you should see FlowVellaTV.

It’s not only what you might think though.

FlowVellaTV is the new AppleTV app loaded with expert presentation tips and tricks videos and a first generation AppleTV FlowVella viewer. You can present your Flows on your TV. Grab your Flow Code from any of your URLs, enter it, then ‘swipe’ through your presentation with the slick new AppleTV remote

We’ve teamed up with Ethos3, an award-winning presentation design and training agency, to create and distribute presentation training videos. We already have several short, yet impactful videos in the app, with many more to come. We are working with some other exciting partners and experts to add to this channel as well.

If you are a presentation expert and want to participate, please contact us.

Why did we build FlowVellaTV for AppleTV?

When we saw the Apple announcement back in early September, I was in the hospital, and we subsequently missed the deadline to register for an AppleTV Dev Kit. I was excited about the potential, especially of apps on this new platform. I reached out to my contact at Apple and he shared my enthusiasm for apps and FlowVella on AppleTV. I explained my personal situation of being in the hospital with a thumb injury (it’s on the mend thankfully) and asked if it was possible to still get a Dev Kit.

A couple days later a FedEx package arrived with the new AppleTV. It was honestly the most positive thing to happen in a little while. Keep in mind, I had just injured myself requiring surgery and spent two days in the hospital, so the bar was pretty low.

We started thinking about what we could and should build for the AppleTV. The obvious was to build another way to view or play your Flows, but what if we thought different too?

Knowing that the AppleTV is really good at video, we thought about helping people create better presentations. This is where our video presentation tips and tricks was born. We discussed the idea internally, then with our advisors, and finally met with Apple, who loved the idea. For the initial launch, we teamed up with Ethos3, and have more experts to come in the future. We built the application in just a couple of weeks, making the initial launch date, and will be continuing to add more videos and make the viewing experience even better.

Thanks for the support.

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