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Logging Into Same Account on Multiple iPads on FlowVella

We’ve heard that a few of you have had issues with logging into more than one iPad on the same account. We’ve heard this most often from teachers who use FlowVella in the classroom.

We’d like to address these concerns and offer a couple suggestions.

We highly recommend NOT using more than one iPad per account at the same time. When you finish a session with your iPad, Save a Draft or Post your Flow, then sign out. You can then sign into that FlowVella account on another iPad.
We also recommend creating more than one account for teachers and their students. Instead of using one “classroom” account, please create one account for each student. This prevents students from overwriting each other’s work. When a student is done with his or her work for the day, he or she can sign out of that iPad, and can even use a different device the next day if necessary without worry.

Set Your Flowboard to Remix to Edit with Group Members

If multiple people will be working on one Flow, the best way to do this is to check the “Allow my Flow to be remixed” option during the Post process. When that group member has made edits, anyone else in the group can easily “duplicate” that Flow from the Library screen by tapping and holding its tile. It will then appear on the My Flows screen, and you can open and make your edits without losing your group member’s original. When you’re done, feel free to Post this version and share it with other group members.
If you have any other questions about making FlowVella work the best for your classroom or company, please send us an email anytime. We’re here to help!

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