FlowVella for iPhone Launches Ushering in Mobile First Presentations

March 22, 2016

We have had requests and requests and requests for the iPhone version of FlowVella for a long time. When the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus launched in late 2014, it was inevitable that we would bring our iPad/touch/mobile-first presentation app to the iPhone. This past fall, after conversations with customers and contacts at Apple, we decided to take the initial steps to see how FlowVella would perform on the larger iPhones. With a little bit of initial work, we had an early version of FlowVella kind of working on the iPhone. We knew that this would be an amazing product.

FlowVella for iPhone is Finally Here!

Today, we’re announcing that FlowVella for iPhone is officially here. In fact, it’s already in iPhone App Store waiting for you to download it.


We were fortunate when working on this project because we didn’t need to reinvent the wheel. We were able to leverage the FlowVella for iPad application that is already so simple to use, yet quite powerful. When starting the project to build the iPhone version, we were given the opportunity to revisit the iPad user interface and experience as well and make several additions and improvements that we are excited to unveil today.

Create and Edit on iPhone 6/6S and iPhone 6/6S Plus

For this launch, you can only edit and create with FlowVella on the larger format phones with 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screens. If you have a smaller device, like the iPhone 5S or older, you can view your Flows, but you will not be able to create new ones. We may add this capability in the future, but we felt that the larger phones allowed the size needed to make FlowVella work well.

So What is New with the Latest?

    • ALL STUDENTS ARE 100% FREE, and can upgrade via the Go Edu button on the side menu
    • Add screen on main editor/creator screen
    • Remix ability and indicator
      • Allow users to duplicate and have their own version of your presentation
    • PDF first page previews
      • When adding a PDF to your Flow, we grab use the first-page image as the default thumbnail
    • Portrait view for browsing on iPhone only
    • New help/support section
      • Consolidated help, videos, guides, links to social media in one beautiful place.
    • 3D Touch quick action support 6S/S Plus
      • Quickly create a presentation, go to your Library or the Catalog
    • Touch Points
      • shows where you’re touching
      • set within the Apple app settings
    • Lock button makes objects unmovable
    • Send PDF via email right while viewing
      • Look for the email icon in the upper left.
      • Email is tracked for conversion
      • Get email alerts when the PDF is opened – sweet, huh?!
    • Teacher and Pro Plans
      • Pro Plan
        • All premium features plus:
          • BCC Email tracking integration
          • Direct Per recipient tracking
          • Create and manage groups of users
          • Publish presentations privately to groups
          • See feed of all group presentations
          • Feature presentations in your own catalog (web only for now)
          • No last page/advertisement on web player
      • Teacher Plan
        • All premium features plus:
          • Create and manage classes of Students
          • Teachers and students publish presentations privately to classes
          • Feature presentations in your own catalog (web only for now)
          • See feed of all student presentations

We fixed so many bugs and optimized so many little things; it would take a day or two to list them all. Maybe not a day or two, but we went deep to fix some of the smaller and bigger issues within the app.

FlowVella 3.0

We’re calling the new universal iPhone/iPad version 3.0, but to us, it also means three apps on three platforms: iPhone, iPad, and Mac. We all know that 3 is a magic number, so we added the original 3 is a Magic Number video from Schoolhouse Rock, as well as De La Soul’s The Magic Number and Blind Melon’s cover of 3 is the Magic Number.