How to Create an Interactive Resume with our Creative Resume Template

November 22, 2015

We’ve all had to make a resume. Whether you were 16 and applied for your first job at the fast food joint down the street, or applying for your first job out of college, or looking to for the next big opportunity in your career, resume building is a difficult task. A quick Google search leads to millions of results, and only more confusion. How can I stand out from all the other resumes being submitted? What do I need to put on my resume? Will anyone even read this?!

FlowVella is already being used to create resumes and the early results are impressive. Hearing from those of you who’ve successfully landed jobs and interviews with FlowVella is what inspired us to build a brand new resume template. One successful job seeker reported that she received a 75% response rate when emailing her resume built in FlowVella! Contrasting her intiial attempt with the “old way”, which only garnered her a response rate of 20% or lower.

Times are changing and no longer are the one page resumes made from a Microsoft Word Template relevant, especially in creative industries like design, technology, photography, and more. Some of these creative professions even require a fully designed portfolio. (Don’t worry though, we have you covered here too if you need help creating a designer portfolio!) I know, I know. It sounds daunting… but it doesn’t have to be!

Today we’re introducing our latest resume template, and additionally, a few suggestions on how to use some of the existing templates within FlowVella to create a resume.

Creative Resume Template

View on FlowVella – Presentation Software for iPad and Mac

With a modern feel, this template puts all the emphasis on you. Attract attention to your most valuable skills from the very first screen! You’ll also have plenty of space to fill in details about yourself, your past work experience, and educational background.

SlideDocs #1 Template

View on FlowVella – Presentation Software for iPad and Mac

SlideDocs is perfect for any resume. Each screen is comprised of multiple columns allowing you to expand on your professional background. You can stand apart from your competition with an interactive and visually-compelling resume.

Showcase Template

View on FlowVella – Presentation Software for iPad and Mac

Have a lot of past work to share? The Showcase template in light or dark will work perfectly! This template is set up to allow you to share details about individual projects or pieces of work. Fill in the about screen with professional details and attach a PDF version of your resume if you wish!

Portfolio Template

View on FlowVella – Presentation Software for iPad and Mac

Use our Portfolio template to showcase your story, your professional background, and your work. For creative careers like developers, designers, artists, and photographers, this template places your work on display.

Don’t like our templates? That is okay too! Feel free to get creative with your resume – you can create it all in FlowVella and then share your custom URL. If you’re applying for a position that requires a PDF, we have you covered there too. Just finalize your resume, then select “Export as PDF” on the Edit Your Flow screen.