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FlowVella 2.0 for iPad: The Latest and Greatest

Today we’ve launched FlowVella 2.0 for iPad to the App Store. We’ve been hard at work these past few months on some new and exciting features specifically requested by you! The most exciting features include exporting to PDF, printing, new screen link transitions, new subscription options, security updates, and new templates, including two gorgeous premium templates. (Free for all current Premium Subscribers, or just $1.99 for everyone else!)

Export to PDF or Print Your FlowVella

Flowboard 2.0 Export to PDF and Print

You’ve asked for this and now it’s here – export your Flow to PDF! You can also choose to open your Flow as a PDF in other apps.

If you’re more of a paper-hand-out type of person, you can also easily print your Flow! From the Edit My Flow screen, tap the print button in the top toolbar.

*Please note both of these features are exclusive to Premium Subscribers.

All New Transitions

This changes everything! Now links can fade in, slide in, flow to screen, or select “none” if you’re not a fan of the transitions. Use Flow to make even more interactive projects, prototypes or whatever you can think of. FlowVella now makes ‘non-linear’ presentations an easy reality.

Updated Subscription Options

Subscribing to FlowVella’s premium features has never been easier! We’ll give your wallet a break if you subscribe for a full year. You can also give the premium features a whirl without much commitment if you go the 1-week subscription route!

New Templates

Remember our post about Nancy Duarte’s newest book SlideDocs? Now you can use SlideDoc templates in FlowVella! They’re live and available for download for free for all users.

We also added two gorgeous new premium templates, Beauty and Infographic! These are included in the price for our current Premium Subscribers, or if you’re not a subscriber they’re only $1.99! We think this is a great value for such elegant templates.

Security and Privacy

At FlowVella, we care about security and privacy around your content, and your data. We will never sell your data to anyone, and we are NOT a company that is focused on mining your data. We respect your privacy rights and have continued to iterate on our privacy settings as you’ve seen in the past.

We are also working on establishing new policies and procedures on how we store and maintain user content and data.  We have upgraded our security to ensure that all connections from within the FlowVella app are now secure, using HTTPS. You may have noticed that FlowVella.com is all behind HTTPS as well. We will continue to review our security and privacy policies to ensure we have your best interest in place.

Other Updates + Improvements

Besides all of the great features above, we’ve fixed some major and minor bugs, and adding some behind the scenes features. Some of those features include master app reset (if for some reason your app gets stuck in a crashy state), new interaction with adding or changing the media for your objects, and the ability to link from one Flow to another. Additionally, we’ve made the typical speed gains and fixes for various performance issues that some of you have alerted us to over the past few months.

We hope you’re loving the latest FlowVella 2.0 for iPad, and we welcome your comments and suggestions for future versions of FlowVella!

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