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Favorite Celeb Apps: FlowVella

Favorite Celeb Apps: FlowVella

FlowVella has hit the silver screen – almost. Our ‘little’ presentation app for the iPad is getting some celebrity love from actor-director John Turturro. Turturro, who stars in his new film called “Fading Gigolo,” tells CNET’s Josh Rotter that one of his favorite apps is FlowVella.

Favorite Celeb Apps: Flowboard from John Turturro
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When CNET asks Turturro which apps he is “madly in love with,” he responds by saying:

 “I do all these visual presentations for people while making the movie. I could put all my photography and paintings on FlowVella and make a book that I can carry around. That’s important to me, because it’s all my visual references. So I use that frequently.”

Wow. All of us here at FlowVella are so excited to see our app used by a critically acclaimed actor-director. This might be the closest feeling we get to winning an Oscar for our app. Thanks Turturro for the shout out in CNET – what a great example of bringing together presentation software and storytelling.

We hope this inspires other movie-makers to consider FlowVella to visualize their ideas to others!

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