How to Utilize an iPad Kiosk for Trade Shows – Schold Case Study

April 10, 2018

With the addition of Kiosk Mode to the FlowVella features line up, it’s now easier than ever to utilize an iPad Kiosk for trade shows, museums, and events around the world. The ease of use (no developer required!) and low cost of set up, requiring just an iPad, kiosk container, and a FlowVella PRO account, makes it approachable for companies of all sizes, from new businesses to corporations.


About Schold

Recently, we learned about Schold, a manufacturer of industrial mixers, tanks, press-outs, mills and complete systems. They began in 1949 with a vision to engineer and build precision dispersion equipment. Schold prides themselves on being a client-centric solutions provider and trusted business partner, as well as for breakthroughs and innovations.

How Schold is using FlowVella

Schold was in need of an interactive kiosk solution for their trade show coming up next week, April 10-12 in Indiana. To highlight their products, they plan to have iPad kiosks set up for customers to easily interact with at their own pace. Within their interactive presentation, Schold has loaded up video, product specifications, and a PDF that customers can sign up to receive immediately, all right from their one kiosk presentation.

FlowVella in Action at the American Coatings Show 2018 by Schold Manufacturing - iPad Kiosk Software

FlowVella in Action at the Schold booth at the American Coatings Show 2018

Using an iPad Kiosk for Trade Shows

Schold began using FlowVella about a month ago when preparing for the American Coatings Trade Show. After previously using Keynote, they switched to FlowVella to assist customers at the trade show to learn more about their equipment and, as mentioned previously, allow them to send themselves literature about the product. With the PDF Document Sharing feature, Schold is able to capture customer information, such as their email address, to send them information right away. They could then also follow up with those email addresses at a later date. With iPads placed in stands at their booth, Schold is excited to see the impact of their interactive kiosks that don’t require any additional personnel to manage.

Why FlowVella

We asked Schold about why they chose FlowVella, and beyond capturing leads and Kiosk Mode, they loved the price point, which is perfect for their small but growing company. Jordan, Director of Marketing and Creative at Schold, said, “the user interface was smooth, easy to understand and less clunky than other options. FlowVella also allows us to connect all of our literature and enable customers to email it to themselves without leaving the module.” He also loved the cloud-based system, which allows him to make remote updates and get the team what they need quickly and easily. He also mentioned that “Kiosk Mode is perfect for an unmonitored setting” like the trade show they are attending.

If you want to learn more about how we can help you set up an iPad Kiosk for trade shows or help you create another interactive solution for your next event with FlowVella, reach out to us today!

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