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Presentation Design Services with FlowVella

We are often asked if we offer design services of presentations (Flows), and the answer has always been a reluctant ‘yes,’ as our main focus has always been first on our software and the platform. The truth is we know the ins and outs of FlowVella better than anyone (we think), and we have been studying presentation design for years. We have the advantage of seeing some of the best presentations and Flows out there. We know how to take advantage of the features that set FlowVella apart from other presentation tools.

Presentation Design Services by FlowVella

Announcing Presentation Design Services

We continue to hear from new potential customers and partners that they need help with presentation design and that having an affordable design service will allow them to get started using FlowVella even faster. With our foray into presentation design, we will offer several tiers of service. With that said, however, we are still open to feedback on our specific plans and look forward to hearing from you regarding your exact needs.

Today, we are officially opening our doors to presentation design services here at FlowVella.

We have three tiers of design service; Good, Better and Best. Good gets you a basic, yet beautiful, five-page Flow all the way to Best, which is a custom presentation built to your specifications and approval. All presentations will contain your logos, colors, images, videos, and branding and will be made to work on FlowVella.

After having worked with dozens of clients from small mom and pop shops to large corporations using FlowVella in their businesses, tradeshows, events, we know you’re going to love working with us. Whether you need a simple conversion of existing materials, a presentation built from scratch, or you just want guidance layering on interactivity and media on top of an existing presentation, we would love to chat with you. We have the experience and we can turn around a Flow quickly and efficiently. We also offer unmatched customer support, will go the extra mile to test it on all devices, and we are available if you need further training or assistance.

Find out more about our packages here, or speak to someone on our team right now to get started.

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