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Collaborate with Duplicate and Edit Feature

Have you ever wanted to collaborate with others on the same FlowVella presentation but didn’t know how? Or maybe you’ve just discovered FlowVella and have yet to create your own. Either way, we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn how easy it is to share and edit Flows with others.


If you’re working on a new Flow and decide you’d like to share it with someone who may want to modify or edit it down the road, it’s super easy to do that. During the Post process, just make sure to check the box next to “Allow others to duplicate and edit” as seen above.

If you’ve already created a Flow and have decided that you’d like to allow others to duplicate and edit it, it’s a quick and easy fix. Just open the Flow, and select Post or Share. Check the box next to “Allow others to duplicate and edit” as shown above. You can make this modification in either the Mac, iPad, or iPhone app.

If you’ve created a Flow in one account, and need to have it in another account, we can help you with that too! Here are some step by step instructions on how to duplicate a Flow from one account to another.

1. Open the Flow that you’d like to duplicate to a different account.
2. Post (or repost) your Flow, making sure to put a checkmark next to the box that says “Allow Duplicate and Edit” on the Share Your Flow screen.
3. Click or tap next and allow the Flow to post.
4. Copy the URL in the final pop up. Then, close the window.
5. Then, tap or close done on the Edit Your Flow screen.
6. You’ll then land on the My Flows screen, go ahead and sign out in the sidebar menu.
7. Sign into the account you’d like your Flow to be duplicated to.
8. In the iPad or iPhone app, Open your web browser of choice and paste the URL to your Flow from step 4. If you’re using the Mac App, go to File → Open URL and paste your URL in the text field.
9. Select “Open in FlowVella”, or Open in the Mac app.
10. Your Flow will download, then open. In the Mac app, to make a copy of it, tap on the down arrow. In the iPad/iPhone app, once it opens, go ahead and close it.
11. On the iPad/iPhone app, from the Library screen, tap the duplicate icon (looks like two stacked documents) on the Flow you just closed. In the Mac app, you can skip this step.
12. Your Flow should now be copied to your My Flows screen for future editing.

If you’re using FlowVella in a classroom setting, we strongly suggest that you do NOT allow students to be signed into the same account on different iPads at the same time. Instead, you should create an account for each student so that no work is in danger of being accidentally deleted or saved over. When students are finished with the session, instruct them to Save a Draft or Post the Flow, then sign out.

If students are working on a group project, they can easily share versions of their Flow with each other, and edit the Flow on their respective iPad. Just have them check the box to allow others to duplicate and edit, then share the URL with another student. When that group member has made edits, anyone else in the group can easily “duplicate” that Flow from the Library screen by tapping and holding its tile. It will then appear on the My Flows screen, and can be opened and edited without losing the original. When finished, this version can be posted and shared with other group members.

We hope you enjoy collaborating with FlowVella. Leave us any comments, feedback, or questions below!

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