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FlowVella PPTX PowerPoint Importer

One of the biggest requests we’ve had from you is to be able to import your current presentations. Our first focus on bringing importing capabilities to FlowVella is with PowerPoint Presentations. PowerPoint has been around for 20+ years, and we know many of you have many presentations that you’d like to bring over to FlowVella to better share your story. so, introducing the FlowVella PPTX PowerPoint Importer!

Flowvella PPTX Importer

As you can imagine, 20 years of software brings about a lot of potential issues when we’re talking about file conversions. That’s where you come in – we want to share our importer tool with you, but we also want to be transparent with you. This is not perfect, but it is our first iteration. The following will go into detail about what you can expect, known issues, and how you can help us make this import tool even better.

Expected Behavior

The FlowVella PPTX PowerPoint Importer 0.9 is our first iteration and is not intended to be a complete ‘converter’ of PPTX files to Flows. The objective is to get the core content from your existing PPTX PowerPoint files and bring them into FlowVella. There are many PowerPoint features that FlowVella does not yet support, so we have focused on getting the screens and structure of the PPTX, the text and bullets and the images.

Known Issues and Limitations

This version of the PPTX importer does not support:
– PPT files (only PPTX are supported)
– tables (or text and images within – sorry)
– charts
– animations and transitions
– videos
– audio
– smart art
– links
– zoom on images

How to Help

We Need More PowerPoints

PowerPoint has been around for over 20 years (that’s why we’ve built an alternative) and has a lot of features so we need to look at a lot of PowerPoints in order to get this importer better.

Please email us your PPTX (not PPT) files to pptx@flowvella.com if you are having issues with an import. You might even get a t-shirt or a sticker or something.

Report Bugs

So you found a bug?
We are on a journey. A journey to make the best presentation software, and now a journey to make the best PPTX importer so you don’t have to use PowerPoint ever again. We know you will encounter some issues and we thank you for your patience and support. If you could be so kind as to describe to us the issue and the desired layout or missing element, it will help us make a better product.

Thank you!

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