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Back to Blog in 2024

We have not been posting here on this blog because we of some squirrels in our server infrastructure that I’m sure you don’t want to hear about.

We have been posting over at Flow Kiosk sporatically – our kiosk specific brand and app.

So, now after a break, along with our efforts to streamline our server infrastructure, we are back.

It’s not we went away, it’s been a journey and we continue to build and refine FlowVella and Flow Kiosk – our focus is more on the kiosk opportunity as it’s where we have found the most success and have continued to build features optimized and demanded by kiosk environments.

Everything was going great with FlowVella and Flow Kiosk rolling into 2020, but honestly, the Covid pandemic hit us hard.

We had been growing and growing steadily, especially when we launched Flow Kiosk in 2018. In February 2020, things were going extremely well, but then Covid hit. Two of the primary use cases for kiosks, using FlowVella or Flow Kiosk, are trade shows and museums/exhibits and I probably don’t need to tell what happened to those two activities for the next two years, maybe more.

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