Introducing the Next Generation of Presenting

August 10, 2016

Today we are thrilled to announce the latest and greatest FlowVella versions of the iPhone, iPad, and Mac apps. We have been hard at work to bring features that have been requested over and over again and ones we have cooked up in our little presentation software lab; widescreen support, a video presentation creator and pinch and zoom and so much more.


We won’t lie; we’re most excited about our new Record feature. You can read our entire blog post about it here, but the gist of it is that you can now create a video of your presentation with your voiceover to send to your family, friends, prospects, clients, and more. It’s as easy as tapping record, talking through your presentation, trimming the clip, saving it to your device, and sharing it anywhere you can post a video. This new video presentation feature is currently only available on the iPhone and iPad apps, and we can’t wait to see how you use it!

Wide Screen Presentation are Here Now!

One of the features we’ve had requested over and over again was wide screen. We heard you, and it’s now here! We now support 16:9 presentations, and have introduced several new widescreen friendly presentation templates, available on the iPad, iPhone and Mac apps.

Pinch and Zoom Everywhere on iPhone and iPad

We are also pleased to offer the ability to pinch and zoom inside the creator and viewer in the iPad and iPhone app. Now you can pinch and zoom while editing and creating Flows, or while viewing them. We know our avid iPhone users are going to LOVE this, and we hope it makes your life a little bit easier!

The Little Things Count and Add Up

As usual, we have also introduced several other features, like a new settings menu on iPhone and iPad that will allow you to set presentation options quickly like auto advance, looping, presentation notes, a background color, and a nifty new setting to disable slide gestures. We’ve made some minor updates to the overall interface like updating the design of our help messages and we now allow you to record any bugs you’re experiencing with the use of our new Record feature straight from the Help screen. Our PRO users will also notice that you can now quickly switch between groups inside the app by accessing the sidebar menu, and they’ll be able to access their team catalog as well.

Why Build a ‘Disable Slide Gesture’ feature?

Because you, our users asked for it. We can’t come up with everything around here! If you disable the slide gesture, your viewers won’t be able to go to the next or previous screen by swiping. They will have to tap or click on image or text and advance to another screen that way. So why is this important? What if you wanted to create a specific path for your users to navigate and it wasn’t simply linear? What if you wanted to build a basic multiple choice quiz in FlowVella, and not let users swipe to the answers. There are probably more reasons why, and we hope you show us.

As always, we count on you to help us create the best possible software and welcome your feedback, either here in the comments or send them to us via email. We are a small team, but we do read and respond to every request (positive or negative!). We hope you love the updates and appreciate your support. If you want to help us, we’d appreciate if you left us a rating and review in the App Store, and your support of the Premium, PRO, and Teacher accounts allow us to continue bringing you innovative software.