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6 Next-Level Audio Presentation Ideas

In the latest update to FlowVella for iPad (released last week, full details on this post) and Mac we’ve added one of our top requested features of all time — Audio! We really think this feature can take your presentations to the next level in a multitude of ways. With that in mind, here are 6 next-level presentation ideas that we think you’re going to love creating!

Next Level Audio Presentation Ideas - FlowVella Presentation Software for Mac and iPad

6 Next-Level Audio Presentation Ideas

1. Build Training Modules with Audio Instructions

Teaching a course? Or maybe you’re training employees or co-workers. Either way, building training modules that can easily be shared and accessed offline or on is a great use for FlowVella. Make your training modules even better by adding audio instructions where appropriate.

2. Create an Annotated Presentation

Ever had to miss a speaker at an event? We’ve all been there, and it sure is a bummer to only get the consolation prize of a boring deck from the talk. Don’t be that guy. Easily annotate each of your screens so that if someone misses your presentation, they won’t miss out on you.

3. Add Sound Effects

Whether it’s for comic relief or give more context to a presentation, sound effects can be a great addition. We love how  sound effects can really engage viewers. Here are few resources to get free sound effects: soundbible.comwww.soundboard.com, and www.freesfx.co.uk.

4. Promote your Podcast

Just started a Podcast? Why not add a few clips of it to your Flow? Add links directly to the Podcast in iTunes and your viewers will be able to subscribe! Share you Flow on social media, and you’re sure to get some new listeners.

5. Share your Music

No, we’re not encouraging you to share that kind of music (we’re not Napster, after all!) but we do love that musicians from all around the world use FlowVella! Now those same musicians can share more than web links and videos of their music, but also embed the entire song for their viewers to enjoy.

6. Build a Custom Soundboard

We’ve all tried those fun web-based soundboards, right? Make one of your own that works offline on an iPad! Build a grid of objects, then pick and choose your favorite sound clips to upload. Share with your friends for a “presentation” they won’t forget! Check out the Donald Trump Soundboard as an example.

We hope these ideas inspire you to add some new sound to your Flow. To get started, we highly recommend recording sound with Apple’s GarageBand and linking it to your Dropbox account. How do you plan to add audio to your Flow? We’d love to see some audio in action, so be sure to share a link to your Flow in the comments below!

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